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sylar_alejandro's Journal

Sylar/Gabriel Grey and Alejandro Herrera Community
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Welcome to the community dedicated to the ship that is Sylar/Gabriel Gray and Alejandro Herrera from NBC's Heroes. This community is where the people that appreciate and enjoy this ship. You can post anything that is related to this ship.

1. Posts must include content that center around Sylar/Gabriel and Alejandro.
Not Sylar (or Gabriel) only. Not Alejandro only. It has to be the both (or all three) of them. Together.

2.Play nice. If you are Sylar/Gabriel/Alejandro hater, please take your hate somewhere else. We are not bothering you with it. We are here so we can share with fellow shippers. If you do come here and try to cause drama, even if you've joined the community, we will ban you. We will delete any comments you leave. And freeze any that might even start. So don't mess with us. We're nice, but if you piss us off, we'll get bitchy real fast.

3. If you start to have a chat fest with someone in the comments of a post, please, for the love of all things holy, go somewhere else. It can get a bit overwhelming to have your inbox spammed with comments from a long chat going on..

4. We allow anything you got.
Artwork, writing, vids. Anything. As long as it has both Sylar and Alejandro.

If you'd like to be an affiliate please go here and leave a comment.


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